#1 Draino Magically Clears Drains
-Only if it were that easy! Just about every customer that calls us claiming they used Draino before calling us will tell you Draino and Similar products are not very effective in clearing a clog. We have experimented ourselves with Draino and did not see any results. In addition, the chemicals are known to be hazardous; therefore must plumbers will not service a tub or sink full of dirty water and Draino.
#2 Snakes (the reptiles) Often Come Through toilets.
-This has happened but its very rare. In fact, the most recent times it happened was because the snakes were somebody’s pet and they ended up getting loose in apartment and tried escaping through the toilet. While its not impossible, I think one would have better odds of getting struck by lightning twice.
#3 All Plumbing Companies are Cons
-This is true, Rayne Plumbing is the only Company who is not. JK! Plumbers do have a bad rep but there are still a few honest contractors out there. Poor ethics are not embedded in Contractors, they are embedded in the Ownership and Management of the Company. There sure are some scum bags out there who are always looking to make an extra buck any way possible but there are also Companies who believe in being ethical and maintaining a good reputation in the Community. Tip: Before hiring a contractors check their online reputation and ask if the technicians are commission based (some commission based Companies have a reputation for being shady).
#4 Baby Wipes Are Flushable
-This one is tricky. If your sewerline is immaculate condition this statement is true. Unfortunately, most sewerlines are not in immaculate condition. A good percentage of our clogged drain calls are due to baby wipes. What happens is the wipe gets stuck on a offset in the sewerline and because they don’t dissolve like toilet paper does it eventually starts to accumulate debris.
#5 Plumbing Contractors Are Always Late
– A Plumbing Company with poor scheduling skills will always be late. In our Company we give windows, yes we know they are annoying but because plumbing never goes as expected it is impossible to time everything to the tee. We would rater give you a 2-4 hour window than show up 2-4 hours late.
#6 All Plumber are Created Equal
-While some may be created equal, they are all very different. It’s all about training and experience. Just because someone has been in the industry for 20 years it does not make them a Master Plumber. What separates a good plumber from a bad one are the following traits; learning ambition, customer service, reliability, ethics and knowledge retention. In the 52 years in business we have hired thousands of plumbers, not are all equipped with all the traits we want but if they have a good attitude and are willing to learn we are willing to train. It is the Management’s duty to create superior plumbers.
#7 The Lowest Plumbing Bid is Always the Best
-Yes, we all like a good deal but at what cost? Plumbing is a very competitive field, therefore some Companies have acquired sneaky ways to bid low but charge extra. Example: If you hire a Company who bids $500 for a job while the other’s bid $800 but the lowest bidder than gives you a change order of $500, the math will show you that they in-fact were not the lowest bidder. Also beware of Companies who charge tons of “fees” such as; travel fees, gasoline fees, vehicle maintenance fees, convenience fees, etc.

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