One of the most common plumbing queries faced by any commercial plumber mountain view is the one related to household sinks. If you often face problems with your household sinks, here are some easy and quick solutions to them!

Problem #1 – Clogged Drain

Solution: If your drain becomes Clogged, the first thing to do is check your garbage disposal. A lot of people have the habit of throwing leftover foods in the sink rather than the dustbin which can cause such problems. If the problem persists even after removing the garbage disposal, a commercial plumber mountain view would recommend plunging with a plunger or adding some boiling water to the drain. If nothing works, it’s time to call any San Jose Plumber for Drain Cleaning San Jose and get your sink checked up.

Problem #2 – Leaking Faucets

Solution: A leaking faucet is as good as buckets of water being wasted. If you face leaking faucets, remember to check whether the faucets have been turned off correctly. Sometimes, it could also be just a loose faucet. Homeowners would have to press a little hard on it to get it in place / apply pressure to its closing point to get it closed properly. However, if you face a similar problem every day, you can give any plumber Sunnyvale a call and get your solution at home!

Problem #3 – Clogged Drain Pipe

Solution: If you have a clog in your drain pipe, that is, in the section from the garbage disposal to the pipeline, then you can check whether your garbage disposal is broken as it is a major cause for this problem. If not, then you can try using a plunger. If this doesn’t work then it is best to give some 24 hour plumber Sunnyvale a call. Do NOT use chemical drain cleaners in such cases as it can lead to pipe bursts and further complications. This problem is best kept for the professionals in drain cleaning San Jose.

Wrapping Up

These plumbing services can very well be just a minor issue. In minor cases, you should be able to fix it with the easy methods above. However, if the problem runs deeper than it looks, the above methods might not yield results and it would be best to call any plumber San Jose to solve your plumbing needs.

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