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Backflow Testing and Certification San Jose

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One serious risk associated with the sewage lines in and around your property is the risk for backflow. This situation can result in the reversal of the flow in water. Thus the water you flush from your home, such as waste, ends right back in your home. If you are facing these issues look to our professional plumbers at Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Services, Inc. We offer extensive San Jose backflow testing services. We can also assist you with the installation of a prevention device.

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What exactly is backflow?

Backflow is the process by which water flows in an unwanted reverse direction. It occurs as a result of a pressure imbalance in the system being kept constant. This backflow can cause the water to be contaminated and therefore deemed dangerous for the day-to-day use.

As a regulatory measure, there is a need to perform regular testing to monitor the safety techniques that protect water purity. Our plumbers are certified and licensed to perform backflow testing services in and around San Jose.

Why is testing important?

Backflow testing aims at running tests to certify the safety standards of water. The process ensures that there are no contaminants that might pose imminent danger to those that are using the water. Amongst the various contaminants that can be responsible for the mess are:

  • Toxic chemicals
  • Microorganisms
  • Heavy metals
  • Waste bacteria

The backflow system functions to prevent contaminated water from reversing and mixing itself up with clean water. Apart from drinking water, the technique is also used to determine the suitability of the water used in irrigation, larger-scale commercial applications, and fire sprinklers.

Our technicians can perform this testing on your property on a yearly basis to ensure that your home, apartment, or other property, is properly protected against the various risks associated with backflow.

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What type of preventive systems are there to defend against this issue?

Under the State of California Administrative Code any individual who has a backflow prevention device is required to regularly test it. Various types of backflow devices exist that are best used in different circumstances. From simple valves, to devices that maintain air separation between various units (a more complex version of the u-bend in a residential sink that prevents odors from traveling up the pipe), we are familiar with all of them.

A Backflow tester double checks valve assemblies, inspects pressure vacuum breakers, tests reduced pressure backflow prevention devices, and inspects spill resistant pressure vacuum breakers. Our technicians can carry out this process for you today! We understand all of the municipal or county laws that need to be applied or adhered to during the testing. Additionally we have the correct certifications and licensing to perform these services at the highest level possible.