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Commercial and Industrial

Commercial Plumbing in San Jose

Whether you are a professional Property Manager; a Commercial, Residential or Industrial property Landlord; or a self-managed Home Owners Association; RAYNE Plumbing & Sewer Service, Inc. can help you with your commercial plumbing needs.

Sewer Line Repair

Competitive Industrial Plumbing

  • No travel or trip charges within 60 miles of San Jose
  • Serve most Bay Area cities
  • Competitive fixture and commercial water heater replacement bids
  • Service rates that are exceptionally competitive
  • Focused on building relationships, with you, our customer
  • Open 24/7, holidays and weekends to respond to your needs

Commercial Water Heater and Boiler Specialists

Does your commercial water heater leak, or has it simply stopped working?  A RAYNE Plumber can easily determine which parts of your water heater or boiler need replacing, or if it’s more cost effective to replace the entire system.  We also service Teledyne Laars or Raypak boilers. Whether the boiler needs a tube bundle or control, we will figure out the problem quickly and efficiently. We will have the boiler running as quickly as possible with available parts. Read more about our Commercial Water Heaters and Boilers, or give us a call, to see how we can help.

Backflow Testing

Regular backflow testing protects clean water from contamination with pollutants, whether that’s protecting the water within a building or property, or even the San Jose city water supply. Whenever backflow, or the reverse flow of non-potable (bad) water into a potable (good) water system, may occur, a backflow device is required. It’s important to test a backflow prevention device to meet all local and state requirements. Learn more about how we can help you stay compliant with efficient, professional Backflow Testing service.