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Backflow Repair and Replacement

Backflow Repair and Replacement San Jose

Is your backflow prevention device on its last legs? Call us at (408) 283-0600 and find out about our San Jose backflow replacement services, and get your home protected today!

Protecting potable water that enters the home is one of the most important steps that anyone can take to preserve the health of their family. Unfortunately, many homeowners may find themselves with a system that has become compromised or too aged to function properly. This can quickly put the home at risk and cause serious health concerns.

At Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Service, Inc. we offer comprehensive San Jose backflow repair and replacement services for all types of backflow prevention devices. Through the assistance of our plumbing professionals you can rest easy knowing that your home will be protected at all times! See what some of our past customers have to say here, and call us today!

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How do backflow issues happen?

Every plumbing system ranging from city-wide sewer lines, to a kitchen faucet, have been designed to allow water to move in a single direction. These systems are extremely complex which means that there are multiple connections and pipes, which could lead to a reversal of the water direction; also referred to as backflow.

As a result of this vulnerability, the use of backflow prevention devices is critical to combat this problem. At Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Service, Inc. our technicians are highly skilled and trained to provide the repair and replacement of these devices.

What are some common prevention devices?

There are a variety of systems available to prevent backflow issues in your homes plumbing. These systems include:

  • Reduced pressure backflow preventer – This is one of the most common options to help prevent backflow issues in your home. This system will immediately drip excess water when it detects backflow in order to change the pressure and prevent cross-contamination.

  • Double check valve systems –  These devices have two spring-loaded check valves which periodically self-test in order to stay in perfect working condition. At the first sign of backflow issues they will function to protect your home from contamination.

  • Pressure vacuum breakers – Pressure vacuum breakers (PVB) detect any backflow issues and immediately vent contaminated water away from the potable water lines. These smaller units can easily be installed on your lines to protect your home.

Our plumbing professionals can provide you with specialized San Jose backflow installation services, to equip your home with one of the above systems. By having these systems installed you can ensure that your potable water is clean at all times.

If your backflow preventer is in need of repairs call our experts at (408) 283-0600. We will provide you with the best San Jose backflow repair and replacement services today!

Backflow preventer repairs & maintenance services

Most modern backflow preventers have a relatively long life span, but they are still susceptible to damage. The average homeowner will not see many signs that a backflow preventer has been damaged, which is why our specialists suggest that systems are tested on a yearly basis to discover any repair issues.

With that being said, there are still some common signs that your unit is in need of repairs. These symptoms include:

  • Changes to nearby irrigation systems

  • A drop or rise in water pressure

  • A significant change to the quality of the water

  • Foul odor coming from the water

In the event that these symptoms are present, our experts can provide you with specialized San Jose backflow repair services. We will inspect your prevention device and repair it accordingly to get your home protected once again.