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When it comes to your home, chances are good that you and your loved ones use your faucets and sinks at home multiple times in a day. Because these items get used frequently within the home, it is incredibly important for them to be working properly at all times. If you are experiencing any issues concerning your sinks, faucets, or fixtures, it is time to contact our professionals here at Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Service, Inc.

We provide all of our customers in the area with expert San Jose faucet, fixture, and sink solutions. From replacements to repairs, we can solve it all. See what some of our happy customers have to say here, and call us today!


Is hard water affecting your faucet?

Hard water gets its name because it contains a wide range of different minerals and sediments. These minerals can begin to build up on fixtures, causing them to get clogged or have issues when you’re simply trying to turn the handle on a particular faucet. One of the biggest issues that homeowners with hard water face would be calcium buildup on their faucets and taps. This buildup can corrode a fixture, requiring it to be replaced.

Our plumbers can provide you with faucet repairs to restore the functionality to your faucets. In some instances the hard water buildup may be too serious to repair. That is when our faucet replacement services come in. We can help you choose a new faucet and install it for you to ensure optimal functionality at all times.

When should you replace your sink?

If your sink is cracked or damaged in any way, it is going to need to be replaced as soon as possible. A cracked sink can cause a variety of technical and plumbing issues down the road, which can result in flooding in the bathroom or kitchen, as well as mold growth where a flooded area has not been properly cleaned. Many people also consider replacing their sink if it is just very old and outdated.

This can add new life to your bathroom or kitchen, and also help raise the value of your home in no time. We can help you choose a sink that suits your needs, style, and budget, and install it promptly and professionally. Whether you want to replace a damaged sink, or repair one, our plumbers are here to help.

How can you avoid faucet leaks in the future?

One of the easiest and most productive ways to avoid faucet leaks in the future would be to avoid pulling on the fixture handles very roughly. Pulling on the handles of the fixture can cause it to become loose over time, which can actually cause leaking down the road.

The second tip for avoiding faucet leaks is to always make sure that the faucet is turned off completely after use. The faucet is built with a mechanism that stops the flow of water when it is turned off. If you leave the faucet dripping all the time, this could affect the quality of this mechanism inside of the fixture.

The third and final tip for avoiding faucet leaks is to make sure that you repair or replace a faucet that is giving you problems right away. The minute you notice any issues with the fixture, it is time to have our experts come in and assess the situation.

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The Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Service, Inc. difference

At Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Service, Inc. we always put our customers first. We understand how challenging a damaged faucet or sink can be. Aside from losing the ability to use them, you can suffer significant water damage. As a result we provide all our customers with fast and reliable solutions for their faucet, fixture, and sink issues.

Our services include homes, apartment complexes, associations, rentals, and more! Before letting a water leak or unsightly crack on your sink ruin the look of your home, give our experts a call today!