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San Jose Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Services

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Kitchens have many important appliances that help you with day to day tasks. One of those critical components is your garbage disposal. With an effectively running garbage disposal, you don’t need to worry that your sink will become clogged or that you’ll have an issue with the drainage where the disposal is located. We at Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Services, Inc. have experience in tending to many different kinds of plumbing issues, including those surrounding garbage disposal problems.

We can provide you with efficient repairs, installations, and even replacements. See what some of our past customers have to say about our services here, and call us today!


What are some common garbage disposal issues?

When it comes to garbage disposal problems, one of the best ways to deal with issues is to first understand what the most common garbage disposal problems are. These common issues include:

  • Noise: The first common problem is when the garbage disposal makes an unusual noise or no noise at all. If your garbage disposal sounds as if its on but fails to turn the blades, then it may be blocked by an item like glass, metal, or bone. If the unit does not sound at all and fails to turn on, then it may be an electrical or motor issue.
  • Leaks: Another common problem is a leaking disposal. This can often be caused by wear and tear, or excess rust or oxidation. To fix this problem, professionals will check where the leak is coming from and change components like the seal, drain connection, or the rubber gasket.
  • Clogs: Clogs can be caused by all types of items like food, grease, or glass. This will prevent the blades from turning and can eventually cause you to lose the use of your garbage disposal.

When these problems are preventing you from using your garbage disposal, give our experts a call. We will provide you with expert San jose garbage disposal repair services, and restore this convenience to your kitchen today!

When should you repair or replace your unit?

When owning a garbage disposal, it is beneficial to know when to repair or replace your disposal. You should consider repairing your disposal when there are minor issues, which include problems like a leak, a minor clog, a jam, or a damaged blade.

On the other hand, you should consider replacing your disposal when the motor is dead, if the disposal unit has a serious leak, or if the repairs are too serious and replacing is the better option. Similarly, if rust begins to eat away at your unit, it may be time to replace it.

Our plumbing professionals will be able to inspect your unit and determine whether or not your unit can be repaired or replaced. We will help you make the best decision that will not only resolve your issue, but also keep within your budget.

Looking for the very best garbage disposal services for your property? Call us at (408) 283-0600 and get industry leading San Jose garbage disposal services today!

What are some disposal maintenance tips?

To maintain the efficiency and longevity of your garbage disposal, you want to care for it well. A few tips include disposing only what is appropriate, run water before and after using the disposal, do not put silverware in the unit, and keep things that contain fiber out of the disposal. Taking these precautions will decrease the chance that you’ll have disposal problems in the future.

If you are having garbage disposal or other plumbing problems, we at Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Service, Inc. can help. We provide our customers with expert solutions to ensure that their garbage disposals, and any other plumbing issue, is taken care of efficiently and professionally!