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Sewer Line Problems in San Jose & Bay Area

Sewer line services, including problem identification, repair, installation and replacement, have been an area of expertise for Rayne Plumbing since our proud origin 49 years ago. Our expert staff will be happy to help with any sewer line challenge you might face.


Causes of Sewer Line Damage

By using a special sewer camera, our team is able to identify all the causes of sewer line damage and provide a solution. The sewer lines may be infested with roots, there may be pipe or fitting alignment problems, or the materials in use may be damaged. To learn how we can help, view our section on the Causes of Sewer Line Damage.

Sewer Line Repair Methods

Each sewer line repair method starts with choosing the appropriate material. Our preference is ABS plastic pipe and fittings. This material is best for sewer lines that are infested with roots. In some cases, however, a more rigorous root extraction might be necessary.

Rayne Plumbing also provides residential root removal services. All of our solutions are safe on your sewer line and the environment. We don’t use harmful chemicals that can speed up the deterioration of your plumbing system.

Our safer alternatives include hydrojetting, which is one of the most effective ways to clear out stubborn debris in your sewer line, including tree roots. Contact us today if you are facing tree root problems and we will determine the most cost-effective method of repair.

Learn about Sewer Line Repair Methods for a more detailed explanation.

Sewer & Drain Problems

Sewer & drain problems can block your plumbing infrastructure in one or many places. The extent of your sewer or drain backup depends on how many fixtures are clogged. If only one fixture is backed up, a relatively simple clean-out will suffice. Improve your understanding of Sewer & Drain Problems with a little help from the experts.

Sewer Line Clean-outs

Sewer line clean-outs are the best way to unclog a sewer line with restricted flow. The obstruction within the sewer line can be dislodged, but clean-out tools are necessary for the job. If you’re interested in learning to access and repair a sewer line, check out our page on Sewer Clean-outs.