There’s A Better Way to Dispose of Your Garbage…


San Jose PlumberAbout 20 percent of our waste comes from food scraps, and many people have a problem with the odor their trash can full of food emits. A garbage disposal can solve both of these problems, as well as provide you with many other benefits. If you are considering installing a garbage disposal in your home, here are 10 reasons you should.

Environmental Benefits

1. Effective food waste disposal:
Food that is disposed of using a garbage disposal is grinded up into tiny pieces. The waste from a garbage disposal can be turned in to renewable energy and fertilizer.2. Less food waste:
Putting more food scraps down your garbage disposal means less waste ends up in landfills, which cause pollution.3. Recycling:
70 percent of the waste you put in your garbage disposal is water. The waste moves through the disposal to the sewer system and is then treated at the water plant.

Convenience and Cost Effectiveness

4. Easy clean up:
Cleaning up the dishes after a meal is much faster with a garbage disposal. You don’t have to scrape all of your food scraps into the garbage. Simply leave your food scraps in the sink and flip the switch when you are ready.5. Empty the trash less:
Our kitchen trashcans are mostly filled with food scraps. If you are putting less food in your garbage can, you won’t have to empty it as frequently.6. Cheap to use:
Operating a garbage disposal does not require much water. On average a garbage disposal only costs about 50 cents to run each year.7. Quiet options:
A lot of garbage disposals come with quiet grinding options, so even when you are using it, you won’t be bothered by the noise it emits.8. No more picking food out of the sink:
When you are doing the dishes some food scraps inevitably end up in the sink. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, you have to hand pick out all the food scraps that can’t go down the drain, which is gross. With a garbage disposal, you don’t have to touch the food scraps at all.

Plumbing Benefits

9. No more clogged sink drains:
Occasionally, food scraps will make their way down your drain. This causes the drain to become clogged. If a sink drain is clogged, a plumber has to resolve the issue, which costs money.10. Easy to unclog and maintain:San Jose Garbage Disposal Services
If your garbage disposal becomes clogged, running water and then turning the unit on will usually unclog it.

Smelling a stink in the sink of your San Jose area home? That means you need a garbage disposal. Call Rayne Plumbing and Sewer Service Inc. at (408) 283-0600, and have an expert install one today!

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