Maintaining a Garbage Disposal


Garbage DisposalBefore a night of entertaining, the last thing you want to smell is your garbage disposal. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t take proper care of their disposal. Even if you do, grime can build up over time reducing the effectiveness of the unit. This will eventually cause a lingering smell that even the harshest chemicals will not remove. You need a permanent solution, your local plumber will clean and repair the unit, stopping the smell at the source.

How can a plumber fix my garbage disposal smell?

Calling a plumber is key to providing proper maintenance to your appliance. A plumber will remove the unit and clean the build-up that lodges in the blades. This buildup is the primary culprit of bad smells in your garbage disposal. Complete removal is the only way to assure the unit will be cleans. Solutions that are poured down the drain only temporarily fix the problem. Once the buildup is removed, your plumber will be able to replace any broken or worn parts, preventing additional damage to the machine. You plumber will also be able to tell if dangerous mold or mildew is growing in or around your unit, or if the problem is with your drains and pipes.

What should I avoid placing in my garbage disposal?

  • San Jose PlumberWhen grinding your food you should be sure that no metal, plastic, cloth, or glass is in the disposer. Even paper is not able to be processed by the unit.
  • You should avoid disposing of greases and fats through your garbage disposal, these items build up over time and will cause bad smells. If you do dispose of meats or fatty items through your garbage disposal use cold water. The cold water will prevent the fats from liquidizing, making them less likely to cause build up.
  • Potato peels are bad for garbage disposals due to the sticky starch that is produced when they are ground. Place them in slowly using lots of water between each small batch or toss them in the garbage.
  • Avoid large bones and thick or hard stems, these will dull the blades of your unit. Smaller bones are okay and sometimes beneficial.
  • Do not grind flammable items, garbage disposals produce considerable heat from friction, causing a potential hazard.

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