The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill


San Jose PlumberWhat consumes the most water in my house?

If you pay a water bill, then you will likely notice when there is a sudden increase in the amount that you owe.

There are some things that will use more money than others, and you won’t realize that they are using as much water until the bill arrives.

You might think that running a bath uses more water than taking a shower, but you would be wrong unless you have a large garden tub. When you take a shower, you don’t see exactly how much water ends up in the tub. All you pay attention to is the water that is cascading from the shower head while you are bathing. You might use a few gallons if you take a quick shower, or you could use several gallons if you stay in there for a long time or if you have children who like to stand under the hot water.

Another item that takes a lot of water is the washing machine. Energy efficient washers don’t use as much water, but you can plan on seeing a spike on your water bill on the days that you wash a few loads of laundry. If you space out your laundry so that you aren’t washing three loads of clothes every day, then it might not effect the bill as much. Washing every day will also increase your electric bill.

The water bill is unusually high, what should I do?

PlumbingThere are some things that you can do to decrease your water bill. Take shorter showers. As much as you like to stand and let the water run through your hair or simply take in the steam created by hot water, don’t stay in the shower longer than five minutes. There are shower heads with timers that will turn off after a set amount of time.

Put a brick in the toilet tank so that it doesn’t take as much water to fill the tank when it’s flushed. Only wash full loads of laundry instead of several smaller loads. Don’t leave the water running while you’re washing dishes, and only wash a full load of dishes in the dishwasher.

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