How and Why You Should Repipe Your Home


San Jose PlumberRepiping Your Home

Let’s face it, good plumbing is an essential aspect of any good home or office building in terms of water and safety. However, like most things in life, plumbing doesn’t last forever and will require some touch ups as time goes on. This process will save you both water, and more importantly, money. Here’s a few signs that you may need to fit repiping into your budget. Let us help with our repiping services.


While it’s true that leaking pipes can be a sign of many different issues, the most common is the need for repiping. Leaking pipes can be difficult to notice because they’re hidden in your home. If you notice one then it’s best to start planning how you’re going to repipe your home because leaks run up your water bill and possibly flood your home.

Rusted Water

Rusty water means that the iron in your water has clung to your pipes and begun to create rust. If you find that the color of the water in your home or office building is a rusty/dirty color then a repiping job is probably what’s needed to fix it.

Lack of Great Water Pressure


This can be an extremely frustrating issue as it can cause weak or slow showers. If you begin to notice that the water isn’t coming out of your shower head or sink faucets as fast as it used to, then repiping will more than likely be the solution.

Cost and Time

In regards to the cost of repiping your home, there is no definite answer as the final total can vary greatly depending upon if you choose to do it yourself or have a master plumber do it. The size of your home, and the sate of your local economy are also a factor. The average cost of repiping if you hire a plumber is around $4200 for a 2000 square foot home and the time if takes (before city inspections) is around one day.

If one would wish to do it themselves, then the cost and time it’ll take becomes even more complex depending upon the tools you may or may not already possess to get the job done.

One thing’s for certain though, if you ever come to the realization that your home is in need of repiping, it’s best to get on it as soon as possible because procrastination costs water and water costs money.

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