What Are The Precautions To Take When Discovering a Leak In My Home? 

San Jose Plumber The first thing to do when you discover a leak in your home is to turn off any water valves, in the case a pipe is on the verge of bursting, and creating costly damage. Learn where the leak may have developed by following any water dripping sounds from ceilings, if there is a second floor.

Looking under kitchen cabinets and sinks may also lead to a leak in old corroded pipes. Some homes may also have basements that may lead to pipes that have leaks and have been dripping for a while.

Precautions must be taken immediately in the case there is any water dripping close to electrical outlets, or connected electrical wires getting wet from leaks running down walls. We can help you with our plumbing services.

Why Is It Important To Fix a Leak Issue?

Water meters can help in detecting leaks if you know what you are doing. Not everyone knows how to read a water meter, and some of the older homes have meters that read differently than the ones in newer homes.

If you are not sure, you may want to check with a plumber that can help inspect your home for any water leaks, or detect where an existing leak is coming from. Having a plumber inspect the home, and advise of the best solution to fix the problem can save you money and time. Proper repairing of leaks in a home keeps you from calling a handy man to make quick repairs to pipes. Duct tape may be a quick fix for some leaks, but may be creating more damage in the long term.


Leak Detection Leaks issues in a home should be fixed as soon as possible. Delaying the repair to water leaks in pipes, also cause water bills to rise. It also prevents pipes from bursting and causing a flood in a room leading to carpeting, ruined tile or wood flooring, and creating moldy walls.

Expensive furniture may also suffer water damage that may not be repairable. Prevent leaks from destroying your home and belongings, call a professional skilled plumber that can help you detect any leaks immediately, and repair them properly.

Professional skilled plumbers can also advise you of any corroded pipes that may be on the verge of causing more problems in the future. Take preventative steps to ensure your home is safe, and mold free.

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