Save Money With Plumbing Maintenance


Plumbing MaintenancePlumbing is no different than caring for a vehicle. If you wait until a part breaks, the cost can be high. Start a calendar of preventative maintenance procedures for your plumbing and never get caught with having to replace expensive parts and having regrets over keeping your plumbing in good shape.

Healthy Pipes

Slow running pipes, clogged drains, or leaking joints can turn into a disaster within a few weeks. Any type of pressure build-up on pipes can weaken the joints and cause them to burst. One of the best times to have your pipes inspected is right before winter sets in. Small investments, such as insulation or setting your water pressure, can head off problems when the snow flies.

Water Softeners

San Jose PlumberFew people think of a water softener except to fill it up with salt. However, without proper adjustment of water softening equipment, you may be sending a backwash of excess salt into your septic system. A water softener does not solve all problems with water. Depending on the amount of “hardness” that it has to deal with, you may only be covering the worst signs of the problem. Have a professional inspect your system and listen to suggestions on how to improve your water quality.

Water Heaters

A stand-up water heater that holds a tank of water, is subject to lime and mineral build up. You should plan on having your water heater drained and serviced twice a year in order to keep it from corroding and malfunctioning. It will take very little time, when done by a professional, and guarantee that elements are not damaged or the right amount of pressure disturbed.

Other areas of plumbing maintenance that should be addressed on a yearly basis, are checking infrequently used drains for sewer gas, undetected water leaks, outside faucets for repair, and keeping all toilets in tip top shape. By using an ounce of prevention for maintaining your plumbing, the chances of broken pipes, overflowed toilets, or short lived water heaters will become a thing of the past and you will rest better by knowing that your home is safe from problems with plumbing.

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