The easiest way to save some water is by adding aerators to your fixtures. Aerators are small adaptable pieces that restrict high water flow. They are very inexpensive (as cheap as $1.00) and easy to install. They are attached to the tip of your faucets or shower-heads. Aerators come in different sizes to accommodate your size fixtures; most could be installed with basic tools. Keep in mind some fixtures are already low flow, adding aerators will be over kill (possibly restrict any water from coming out). Some people have the perception that by adding aerators you will not get enough flow for proper usage, but aerators are designed to limit the water usage while still delivering the necessary flow for comfortable operation. Aerators could be found at almost all your hardware stores.

The next advice is also very simple to follow. When you leave on vacation or know you will not be using hot water for at least one day, make sure to turn you water heaters on vacation mode! Doing this will save you a substantial amount of money in your energy or gas bill, especially if you vacation a lot.

My next tip in conserving water is a bit more complex than the others but well worth looking into. Low flush toilet kits are designed to change your high water flow toilet to a smaller flow toilet. The kit also comes in a dual flush set, where once installed, you have the option to flush less water for liquids and more water for solids. All new toilets have EPA regulations on the amount of water they could flush, but if you have an older toilet these kits would be ideal and will save you some money on your water bill. The systems are designed for both commercial and residential use. Depending on the kit you get, they could be a bit challenging to install but always feel free to call us for advice.

My last recommendation may be a huge water saver if it applies to you (and it may, but you might not even know it). When most people hear the term leaking toilet, they assume water is leaking out of the bowl or tank on to their floor. Truth is a toilet could be leaking internally and the water it leaks is water lost! The way to find out if your toilet is leaking is very simple. To determine if your toilet is leaking you will need to purchase leak detector dye tablets, which you could find at most hardware stores at a very inexpensive price. Once you have the tablets, simply drop one into your toilet tank and wait about five minutes for it to dissolve and then see if the dye is visible in your toilet bowl. If the dye appears in the toilet bowl your toilet has been leaking and you may have been wasting up to 40 gallons of water per day! Most toilet leak repairs are simple and inexpensive, most of the time all you need is a new flapper or just adjusting the existing. We would be glad to help with the process!

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