DIY Plumbing Gone Wrong


San Jose PlumberHomeowners are often tempted to fix minor plumbing problems to save money. It’s unfortunate that sometimes it’s not worth the trouble. Without the guidance of a professional plumber, a lot can go wrong. Many homeowners have encountered difficulties in their DIY plumbing endeavors. It’s of utmost importance that everyone learns from these mistakes to address common plumbing emergencies more effectively.

Fixing damage pipes without the proper tools and skills.

Plumbing isn’t as practical as it seems. Every emergency has its own mysteries. A vast percentage of DIY plumbing technicians don’t have the necessary skills or practice to do a perfect job. Sometimes a problem that seems minor isn’t. A plumber’s wrench, hand auger, and basin wrench are basic tools that every DIY plumbing technician should have on hand. Without the right tools or equipment on hand, it’s likely for problems to worsen.

Not turning off the water.

A professional plumber follows protocol and is extremely careful when correcting plumbing-related problems. A mere 90% of DIY plumbers won’t remember to turn off the water main before attempting to fix broken or leaking pipes. Things can get ridiculously messy if a homeowner fails to exercise the proper measures. Some DIY plumbers face a tough time shutting off the main simply because they don’t have the right tools handy. It’s imperative to locate the right shut-off valve too. A plumber’s superior experience and knowledge are an asset.

Overusing drain cleaner.

A drain cleaner is the first thing that comes to mind when a homeowner suspects clogging. Hundreds of DIY self-proclaimed plumbers doing minor projects in the home are guilty of overusing drain cleaning solution. No doubt, a clogged drain is an inconvenience. In some homes, it’s a regular problem. If it becomes a routine, a homeowner should consult a professional plumber before trying to fix a clogged drainage system solo. Sometimes the toxicity of the contents of a drain cleaner is too harsh. It’s likely to damage the pipes and other fixtures. That said, consulting a professional plumbing technician to suggest the best drain-safe application is sensible.
San Jose Plumbing
DIY plumbers should use special-fitting to fix pipes made of copper or galvanized steel. A dielectric-union component is often used to fix these pipes. It’s a process that sometimes calls for superior technical skills and education to bond the pipe correctly. Accidents are the least likely to occur when a homeowner consults a board-certified plumber before repairing damaged or broken pipes.

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