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Sewer & Drain Problems

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Backup – San Jose

Main line sewer and drain cleaning prevent and remove drain or sewer backup or flow obstructions. Without professional drain cleaning, sewage could back-up, perhaps to the point that none of the fixtures drain. In the event of a clogged pipe on the main sewer line, a plumber would have to access a Sewer Clean-out (or access point), and run his main line sewer cables through the sewer line until the cables finally reach the stoppage and can push the restriction through the sewer system until everything begins to flow normally.

Sewer Backup—Finding The Source

When More than One Plumbing Fixture is Affected

You know a sewer backup is caused by an obstruction in the main sewer line when more than one plumbing fixture is affected. For example, the toilet, the bathtub, and the kitchen sink all stop draining at the same time.  Since the problem is in the main sewer line, only a main line sewer cable machine can fix the problem.

When Only One Fixture is Affected

You know that a stoppage is isolated to only one fixture when only one fixture, such as a toilet or a kitchen sink, does not drain well.  Accessing a Clean-out, located under the sink on a P-Trap, or simply removing the P-Trap from the plumbing and running a small drain line machine through the drain line will push the obstruction through the drain and into the main sewer line. Now that the block is removed, the fixture will drain easily.

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