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Sewer Clean Out

Sewer Clean Out San Jose

Sewer stoppages are caused by solid objects which for one reason or another refuse to travel properly through the sewer system. As they block the sewer line, they eventually cause a restriction bad enough to completely restrict all sewage from flowing properly. At this point, a plumber needs access to the sewer system to forcibly push the blockage through the sewer system, to restore flow.  The simplest access for this type of job is typically called a Sewer Clean-Out.

Sewer Cleaning Using a Sewer Clean-Out

Every home is built with a minimum of two sewer clean-outs.  One sewer clean-out is typically located in front of the residence and the other clean-out is located at the property line of the residence,  typically no more than five feet away from a sidewalk outside the residence.

Unfortunately, these sewer clean-outs may be no longer visible after  years of landscaping. Knowledgeable home owners request that landscapers uncover any clean-outs they may have inadvertently covered, but because most people don’t know to do that, sewer cleaning is much more expensive than it needs to be. Below, we’ve listed some other ways of solving a sewer stoppage, without accessing the clean-out directly, and potential pitfalls associated with each.

Sewer Cleaning without Sewer Clean-Out Access:

  1. Remove a toilet to access the main sewer line.
    • The curves in the Waste Arm past the Toilet Flange may prevent proper sewer cable access.
  2. Remove a P-Trap underneath a sink to access the sewer line.
    • The cable machine that fits may be smaller than is necessary. P-Trapsare typically between one-and-a-quarter (1-1/4”) inches to one-and-a-half (1-1/2”) inches in diameter; while a main sewer line is four (4”) inch in diameter.
  3. Get up on the roof of the residence and access the sewer line through a Sewer Vent Line.
    • If the distance between the residence and the main sewer line in the street is too long, sewer cables can lose their Torque (ability to spin and twist through the sewer line to push something through).
    • Going up a roof is dangerous. In most responsible companies, this becomes a two man job and the customer is billed for the help of a second man.
    • Lastly, the customer is made aware that going up a roof may contribute to roof damage and slippage of roof shingles, and,
    • The customer must hold the plumbing company harmless from any claims resulting from going on his roof.

Since accessing a main sewer line from a proper sewer clean-out is the best method of sewer cleaning, our policy is to always advise the customer to allow us to install a clean-out as part of the process, to make future maintenance simpler.