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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

Regular backflow testing and repair of backflow prevention devices protect drinking water from cross contamination with pollutants. Whenever there is a potential for backflow, or the reverse flow of non-potable (bad) water into potable (good) water system, a backflow device is required.

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Why Backflow Testing is Necessary

For example, the bleach added to the laundry in a private residence, or the cleaners used to descale a commercial boiler, could in some situations leak into the city water supply if the proper precautions are not taken. In commercial properties, the particular pollutants would depend on the type of business. In all cases, it’s important to test the device according to schedule and meet all local and state requirements. It’s possible to coordinate backflow testing with a boiler inspection, although it’s likely that the first year in which this coordination occurs will have a testing date that is fewer than 12 months after the previous inspection. it’s also possible to coordinate backflow testing on all backflow prevention devices on a property.

Backflow Tester

Under the State of California Administrative Code any individual who has a backflow prevention device is required to regularly test it. Various types of backflow devices exist that are best used in different circumstances, from simple valves, to devices that maintain an air separation between various units (a more complex version of the u-bend in a residential sink that prevents odors from traveling up the pipe.) We are familiar with all of them. A Backflow tester double checks valve assemblies, inspects pressure vacuum breakers, tests reduced pressure backflow prevention devices, and inspects spill resistant pressure vacuum breakers.