“Proud To Have Served San Jose For 49 Years”

About Plumbing & Sewer Service in San Jose, CA

Who We Are

If you’ve ever performed a service with passion and complete disregard for monetary gain, then You already know us. If you’ve ever performed a job for the benefit of another human being, because after all, before your trade, vocation or profession, that’s who you really were, then You already know us. If you receive more gratification in achieving respect from a job well done then from what it pays you, then You already know us. No, we’re not a bunch of saps, air heads or idealistic nincompoops.

We do however, charge fairly, try our best to make a fair profit so that we may be able to serve your needs for many, many years to come. We will never over sell you and will always try to leave you with feelings of  having met your highest expectations, because life is far too short for promoting negatives. Besides, we are in the business of creating relationships, and what you think of us, is far more important than any monetary gain. That’s why we continue to be, and are proud to be “Diamond Certified”.

We sincerely hope you take our invitation to use us. We would love to show you where we come from and what we are about; because at RAYNE Plumbing, above all, the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Steve (Zvi) Ionis – President