The SCALEMASTER machine is a patented invention owned by Rayne Plumbing, which is capable of easily removing mineral deposits which restrict the flow of water in a plumbing system.

In most large Bay Area Metropolitan Cities, almost 50% of all the water supplied by the City’s Water Departments is pumped from the ground. Such water is highly concentrated with mineral deposits and is very hard. When mineral deposits enter through the water supply into a home, they turn into Scale and begin to clog and attach themselves onto the pipe walls. Over a long period of time this accumulated Scale begins to restrict the flow of water measurably. Fixtures which were intended for a water flow of 3 or 3.5 gallons per minute will now only flow at a much slower rate of 2 or 1.5 gallons per minute. This will cause an extreme slow down of water flow whenever more than one fixture is turned on at the same time. When someone is taking a shower, they can be scalded with hot water whenever another person flushes the toilet or turns on another faucet. This happens because the shower is robbed of cold water and only hot water flows through the shower head.

The SCALEMASTER can easily remove most obstructing mineral deposits without the use of any chemicals. It does this both mechanically (in an oscillating fashion) and by sound, with water in the plumbing system. Sound and mechanical waves gently and rapidly burst through the water while dismembering obstructing scale attached to the pipe walls.

The process is safe and will dramatically increase the rate of water flow to most fixtures. You satisfaction is our goal.

Did you know some repipe’s are not necessary? Its true!

Many people don’t realize slow water flow to all their fixtures can be cured WITHOUT a Repipe. Rayne Plumbing has its own patented machine called the SCALEMASTER, which can remove the mineral deposits from your water lines and have your fixtures functioning as originally intended.

Typically, the process costs $350.00 per application and normally a residential home may only require no more then two applications. Its easy to see then, just how much money can be saved if a Repipe is not necessary.

So if your Galvanized water lines are not leaking we can save you thousands of dollars with our SCALEMASTER machine. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.