Backflow Testing Santa Clara

Careful backflow testing and repair of backflow prevention devices protect Santa Clara drinking water from cross contamination with pollutants. Different backflow devices are appropriate for different circumstances, from simple valves, to devices that maintain an air separation between various units. We are familiar with all of them and are dedicated to working with Santa Clara clients to protect the local water supply, both within the building, and within the community as a whole.

Backflow Testing by Rayne Plumbing:

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Why Backflow Testing is Necessary

Whenever there is a potential for backflow, or the reverse flow of non-potable (not clean) water into potable (clean, drinkable) water system, a backflow device is required. For example, bleach used in laundry in private residences, or commercial boiler chemical cleaners, can leak into the Santa Clara water supply if a backflow prevention device is not properly installed. Device testing must follow schedule and meet all local and state requirements. To make life simpler, it’s possible to coordinate backflow testing with a boiler inspection, or to coordinate backflow testing on all backflow prevention devices on a property.

Backflow Tester

Under the State of California Administrative Code, any individual who has a backflow prevention device installed on their property needs a certified backflow tester to inspect it regularly. A Backflow tester double checks valve assemblies, inspects pressure vacuum breakers, tests reduced pressure backflow prevention devices, and inspects spill resistant pressure vacuum breakers. If your device does fail you have several options. Sometimes the back flow device can be opened and cleaned, then reassembled and rechecked. If cleaning does not fix the problem, or it is a case of faulty seals, springs or seats, we will need to order replacement parts. And if replacement is necessary, we have the tools and the knowhow to install a new device quickly at a competitive price.