Backflow Testing San Mateo

Replace, Repair or Test a Backflow Device

At Rayne Plumbing, we have the expertise and experience to replace, repair, or test the backflow device on any property in San Mateo, and we can make sure it meets all regulatory requirements. With our testing services, you can reduce or eliminate any chance that foul water could reverse its flow and contaminate the water supply of your residential or commercial property or even the community’s system by insuring the proper functioning of the backflow prevention device. Our service encompasses:

  •     Highly competitive service rates
  •     No charges for trips or travel in San Mateo
  •     Building relationships as a prime focus
  •     Rapid response 24 hours a day, seven days a week

We know the various types of backflow prevention systems and devices and can handle the simplest valves to the more complicated versions that involve mechanical devices that will provide an air gap between the water systems. Various categories of hazard, from preventing changes in the look of water to preventing the invasion of human waste, will determine the type of backflow device needed.

Should your device fail testing, it may need a simple cleaning and flushing to bring it back into working condition. In some cases, though, parts like springs or seals will need replacement. We have the experience and tools to rectify any malfunction quickly and expediently.

Scheduling Backflow Testing in San Mateo

State law requires that backflow prevention devices have regular test dates to make sure they are functioning properly and protecting the water supply. We at Rayne Plumbing can schedule your inspections so all devices are checked out at the same time, reducing scheduling hassles that occur when different devices have different test dates. An exception would only be in first-year devices, which may have to be retested before the first annual retest date. We also can inspect boilers at the same time.

Backflow Tester

The backflow tester procedure includes double checking valve assemblies, testing backflow prevention devices with reduced pressure, inspecting spill resistant pressure vacuum breakers and standard pressure vacuum breakers.

A clean water supply, as we have in San Mateo, is as important to us as it is to you. So be sure to contact Rayne Plumbing for the best and most economical backflow testing available.