Backflow Testing Redwood City

Replace, Repair or Test a Backflow Device

When it comes time to replace, repair, or test the backflow device on your Redwood City property, you can trust the professionals at Rayne Plumbing to make sure you are meeting all Redwood City requirements. Backflow devices are installed to prevent the contamination of the water supply in a residence, commercial property, or the community from a reverse flow of water that could bring in unwanted substances to drinkable water, including human waste. We can help by testing and installing the proper backflow prevention device. Our services are top rate and involve:

  •     24/7 response time available to respond to any need
  •     Competitive service rates
  •     No trip or travel mileage charges in Redwood City
  •     A focus on relationship building

We are expert in all manner of backflow prevention devices. These include simple valves used in low risk systems or more complex mechanical prevention devices that provide an air gap to halt the influx of more hazardous waste. We can rapidly and efficiently repair or replace any device that fails testing, whether it simply needs to be flushed or requires replacement of parts such as seals or springs.

Scheduling Backflow Testing in Redwood City

California requires regular testing of backflow devices to ensure they are working properly. Scheduling these tests can be a problem if their test dates do not coincide. At Rayne Plumbing, however, we can reduce the confusion and hassle by testing all backflow devices on a Redwood City property at the same time. Some devices in their first year, however, may need to be tested before their 12-month retest date. We can schedule boiler inspection at the same time.

Backflow Tester

A proper backflow tester will check vale assemblies, inspect pressure vacuum breakers and spill resistant pressure vacuum breakers, and test reduced pressure backflow prevention devices.

The condition of our water supply in Redwood City is vital and is as important to us at Rayne Plumbing as it is to you. Be sure your water remains fresh and clean by calling us for all your backflow testing needs.